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Canadian Soldiers Voting During World War 1. December, 1917.
N.C.O.s and Men of Canadian Cavalry Brigade waiting to vote on election day during World War 1. December, 1917.

Election Day in WW1

Even though World War 1 was still raging, Canadian soldiers at the front exercised their right to vote in December 1917. Here we see a group of Canadian Non-Commissioned Officers (N.C.O.’s) and men standing outside a voting station, knee deep in the mud of war. They seem in good spirits, perhaps happy to be able to take a break from the trenches, and to return to a bit of pre-war normalcy.

The fact that Canada was able to keep its democratic ideals and institutions alive even under these conditions is commendable. I suspect that no one has been happier to vote than these men as it afforded them a temporary vacation from the font line, as they were allowed to leave the trenches to go vote.