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Photo of an Italian bomber aircraft.

This is a photograph of an Italian Caproni Heavy bomber during World War 1. The Caproni aircraft corporation was founded in 1911 and produced the first airplane of Italian design and manufacture. During the war it designed and built a number of successful daylight bombers, of which this photo is an example.

The aircraft features an open cockpit (which would have limited the operation efficacy of the aircraft during bad weather and limited it to relatively low altitudes), two motors and heavy double wheels to support the weight of large (by the standards of the day) bomb payloads.

I am not sure which variant of the Caproni bomber this is, but it is likely the Caproni CA 1 developed in 1914. The Ca.1 entered service with the Italian Army in the middle of 1915 and first saw action on August 20, 1915, attacking the Austrian air base at Aisovizza. A total of 162 of these planes were built.