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German WW1 Poster Featuring General Hindenburg

German World War 1 Propaganda Poster
German World War 1 Propaganda Poster

A 1917 German propaganda poster depicting Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg (2 October 1847 – 2 August 1934). Below is a quote from Hindenburg in which he assures the German people that the Rhine river will never be crossed by the enemy as long as the Army and the Navy work together. The title of the poster reads: “On His 70th birthday.”

In fact, the Rhine was not crossed by the Allies during World War 1 until after the German surrender. Despite its defeat, all fighting took place outside the national territory of Germany. However by the time of the German armistice Germany’s ability to carry on the war effort was at an end, and collapse was imminent. The Allies were preparing for a final, deep penetration into the heart of Germany and the German armed forces could offer little resistance. However the fact that Germany surrendered while its armies were still on French soil led to the myth, later exploited by Hitler, that Germany had been betrayed and could have fought on.

General Hindenburg led the German Armies during World War 1, and although an able general, he bears some responsibility for its defeat. But as the saying goes, Generals die in their beds, and so despite being responsible for he deaths of millions, Hindenburg lived to a ripe old age. In his later years, he became the President of Germany and was essentially a figurehead while Hitler consolidated his power.

Article about Hindenburg Propaganda Poster last updated on October 30, 2021