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A French crew manning a machine gun turret.

This is a photograph of a French armoured car in the snow on the Western Front during WW1. To call it an armoured car is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration. While there are some light armoured platings, particularly in the rear and a gun shield to provide some cover to the machine gun crew, the can of the vehicle is completely exposed and there is no protection from any shrapnel or fire coming from the side.

In addition to the obvious deficiencies in its armour, the truck has obviously thin wheels which would make it prone to getting stuck in the snow and the mud of the front.

By the standards of even later in the war, vehicles such as this were completely useless sitting ducks. However they were important first steps in the development of an armoured fighting force, which would eventually lead to the impressive tanks fielded by the British, French and Americans towards the end of the war.