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Dog Wearing Gas Mask In World War 1

French Soldier with Dog Wearing Gas Mask This photograph of a French sergeant and his dog during world war 1 looks some steampunk, post apocalyptic hell. In fact, this duo formed part of a team of medics whose job was to locate wounded soldiers on the battlefield and bring them back to a field hospital. They also collected the dead. where possible, for burial.

The dog’s keen nose was used to find survivors as well as deceased soldiers who might be hidden under rubble or in the mud. You can see a stretcher party in the far left background removing a casualty.

Below is a closeup of the stretcher party:


And here is a closeup magnifying the dog handler’s gas mask. When you see it up close, it is remarkable how primitive his protective gear is.


DogWithGasMask3Below is a picture of the dog’s gas mask. You have to wonder how effective this protection was for the poor dog. Even if the mask managed to keep out the gas, it would surely leave toxins on his fur which he would later lick. I am also surprised that the dog could still do his job of detecting fallen soldiers, because I would have thought that the mask would block off his sense of smell, but apparently even poison gas and filters could not keep this brave dog from doing his duty.



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