Tool Kits and Uniforms of Austro Hungarian Soldiers

Here is a nice picture of a group of soldiers serving in the Austro Hungarian Army during World War 1, followed by closeups of the men in the picture to show greater detail of their weapons and uniforms.

austrian soldiers  world war 1

world war 1 medalThe man in the center, probably an officer, is wearing a medal on his uniform. He has a handgun tucked into his belt as well as two knives, one in his stockings and the other on his belt. In this type of warfare, you didn’t want to be caught without a weapon.

closeup of the soldiers on the right

Closeup of the Soldiers on the Right of the Photo

The two men on the right of the photo have an interesting assortment of tools and weapons attached to their belts. The man on the left also has a medal.

another closeup of the Austrian WW1 soldier

The second man on the left has two hand grenades attached to his belt as well as several tools.closeup of one of the soldiers on the left of the group photo

The man furthest on the left has a couple of tools on his belt including what looks like a wire cutter.

closup of the soldiers' tool belt

Above is a closeup of the tools and weapons attached to the belts of some of the soldiers. In addition to knives and grenades they both have what appears to be tools used to cut or bend barbed wire. This may have been used to install barbed wire or cut through enemy obstacles. I am not sure what the item shaped a bit like a rolling pin hanging a by a string is for.close up of the soldiers in the center of the group photoA closeup of the two Austrian soldiers in the top center of the picture. The man on the right has two medals on his uniform.

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